(3 credits) 3 hours lecture
Course introduces and applies systematic instructional design and instructor-led training. Students will study a major model of instructional design and apply it to develop and refine a unit of instruction. Students will prepare and deliver a training lesson, participate in team instructional design activities, and evaluate the training developed and presented by other students.

Prerequisite: Communications 3600.

Here is an example of a course project from Comm 4465:

Choosing Wisely Canada

The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning (CSL) as an educational approach integrating community service with intentional learning activities, working together toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial. The community partner for this project, Choosing Wisely Canada, has indicated that there can be a ‘disconnect’ in communication between physician and patients regarding..

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The Compression Sock Project

Information design transforms data into high-quality and understandable information. Using Community Service Learning (CSL) to connect students with community clients through applied projects, senior Information Design students produced a series of prototypes based on instructional design theory to assist older adults in creating understanding for the use of compression stockings…

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