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Choosing Wisely Canada

The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning (CSL) as an educational approach integrating community service with intentional learning activities, working together toward outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

The community partner for this project, Choosing Wisely Canada, has indicated that there can be a ‘disconnect’ in communication between physician and patients regarding decisions that affect a patient’s health care. The Choosing Wisely campaign aims to promote conversations between the two parties that will help the patient choose health care options that are necessary, supported by evidence, not duplicative, free from harm, and guided by their values.


The students are challenged to aid the conversations and overall understanding between physicians and patients, and present it to the community partner, policy makers (government), and the general public, through a selection of issues such as imaging tests in low back pain and headache, CT scan for minor head trauma and blood clot in the lung, and antibiotics for sinusitis.


Each of the students created an infographic poster, using provided and self-researched data regarding various health issues. Designing the infographic posters, the students paid special attention to factors such as clear narrative, visual hierarchy, levels of engagement, and use of grid, white space, typography and colour choice. Consultation, information sources, and feedback were provided throughout the entire design process.


The students were able to lead educational change and integrate patient safety and quality improvement in health care through the presentation of their infographic posters, to the community partner members, government representatives, and members of the general public. The final presentation took place at University of Calgary’s Health Research Innovation Centre on April 21, 2016.


Course: COMM 4465 Instructional Design, Fall 2016

Taught by: Glenn Ruhl.