You are currently viewing Invitation: Design for Peace and Reconciliation at MRU this March

Invitation: Design for Peace and Reconciliation at MRU this March

Join us for three Design Thinking for Social Good workshops, taking place from March 5th to March 7th, 2020.

In this series of workshops, we will explore 3 parts of the design thinking process and follow the human-centered approach to creating positive change. Each workshop will take place within the context of the Design for Peace and Reconciliation exhibition, and showcase the work and community that formed through an international project in Tumaco, Colombia, last summer.

Together, we will explore the ways in which the act of design can be used to create empathy, rebuild relationships, and help create our visions of ideal futures.

Below you will find the links where you can sign up for each workshop and share the links with those interested.

Workshop 1: Make a bottle cutter, see examples of prototypes, and learn about how design was used for peace and reconciliation in Tumaco, Colombia.

Workshop 2: Use design thinking towards solving one of these local problems: waste reuse, industry diversification, or food security.

Workshop 3: Imagine your ideal future by thinking about the past.

The last workshop is followed by a short RECEPTION at 1pm outside of the immersion studio:

You can register for as many workshops as you’d like since each one will act independently of the others.