Here are a few of our course projects:

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Types of projects in our curriculum

Information designers are perfectly suited to tackle projects that must consider large amounts of complex data, multiple use scenarios, or sensitive cultural or social issues. We design medicine packaging inserts, operational instructions for industrial machinery, interactive objects, information for emergencies, complex data visualizations, and educational materials. We combine graphic design skills with content management, research, usability, information architecture, rhetoric, and technical writing.

For example, during the Fall 2017 semester our students tackled the following issues:

…and aimed to answer some pretty critical questions:

  • How might we implement a better system that eliminates the need for any adoptable animals to be euthanized?
  • How might me enhance accessiblity to the world for individuals with physical/sensory disabilites?
  • How might we help women in abusive relationships get the support and resources they need?
  • How may we educate youth to be empathetic in order to reduce intolerance in society?
  • How might we help Calgarians be responsible consumers in the food industry?