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Team Kistoonan: MRU’s Map the System Winners

Kistoonon (us in Blackfoot) is a team of social activists from varied backgrounds bringing awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. The team has been researching this topic through the lens of systems thinking since November 2018 with the blessings and help of elders, community members, and organizations. This project has always been about honouring and bringing justice to the Indigenous women who are gone and creating a safe space for those who continue to live in Canada. Team Kistoonan won the National Map the System Competition at Ryerson University in Toronto and their next journey is to the Global finals at Oxford University in the UK, where they will be focusing on the major effects of European colonization on this issue.

The team hopes to use this global platform to begin shifting the problematic mental models that Canadian citizens and institutions hold which enable Indigenous women to be murdered and go missing.

You can follow this project on Instagram here.

This is the third year in a row Mount Royal students have made it to the finals.

Pictured here from left to right are team members Payton Glagau (from Information Design) and Sierra Shade, Assistant Professor Sean Carleton, and team members Joe Plant and Ravinka Gunawardane.