Information Design students in the 2nd year developed four-page booklets profiling some of the most relevant names in typography: House Industries, Susan Kare, and Manuel Lima.


The challenge was to design a four-page booklet which profiles an individual or group of relevance in the world of typography or information design. The content of the booklet should be developed using Toulmin’s Theory of Argument:

  • State a claim (conclusion which needs to be supported).
  • Outline sources of data that supports the claim.
  • State a warrant (assumption on which the claim and the evidence depend).
  • Include a rebuttal, backing, and qualifier.


2nd year Information Design students wrote, visualized, and designed a booklet for each of the following:

  • House Industries – a type foundry based in Delaware
  • Susan Kare – the creator of Apple’s Macintosh computer’s many interface elements
  • Manuel Lima – a known advocator and practitioner of data visualization as data and art

The students submitted a proposal prior to designing the booklet, which included their typographer / information designer (the subject), their claim, the main idea behind their subject’s work, a list of evidences, reasons, and sources, and the selected subject’s relevance. Each of the booklets had to consist of:

  • a front cover with the name of the subject and the claim about their work
  • inside spread which houses most of the content (the grounds and warrants to support the claim)
  • a back cover with the conclusion, summary, and list of sources in APA style


The students were able to put together a well-designed full colour booklet using Toulmin’s Theory of Argument, extensive research, and printing principles. Each of the booklets contained principles of design that informs, persuades, and enlightens.