COMM 4680: Portfolio is a capstone course in the final year of the Information Design program that highlights the work of the senior students. As one of the requirements of the course, the senior students’ portfolio showcase took place at Torch Motorcycles Inc., Calgary, Alberta on April 14, 2016.


Towards the end of the course, the students participate in a public presentation of their portfolios at a portfolio showcase event in which industry professionals / representatives, family, and friends attend. For the portfolio showcase, students need to share in the tasks required to successfully launch the event. Through the portfolio showcase as a whole, the students must work together towards a common goal, encourage industry representatives to attend, find synergies between personal interests and event needs, and produce an event that brings positive sentiment towards their own achievements, and towards Mount Royal University and the Faculty of Communication Studies.


Teams were assigned to organize the portfolio showcase event, through a combination of the students’ preference, skill, and need. The teams, along with their responsibilities, were:

• Visual Identity
• Promotions
• Social Media Design
• Venue Coordination
• Website Design
• Print Portfolio of Class
• Video Design
• Guerilla Design (for the University and the City of Calgary)

Each team developed outlines their project parameters, tasks, and key goals, plans that included team goals, strategy, and ideas, iterations, tests, revisions, and rationale.


The 2016 senior students of the Portfolio course were able to launch a successful portfolio showcase at Torch Motorcycles Inc., where they showcased four years of their journey in the Information Design program. About 150 industry representatives, families, students, and friends packed the venue. The portfolio showcase allowed the students to interact with individuals, from various professionals to newcomers and beginners in the program.