Given the opportunity to showcase my layout and writing skills, this magazine project allowed me to express my passion by asking questions about the injustice that goes on in our world — something that is complex and always developing. I am continuing the conversation of “What can I do for the world that hasn’t been done before or could be done better?”

otherssmallOur world complex and unfair in many ways. So many people don’t know enough outside of their own environments. OTHERS is a magazine on intentional living. You and I live on the dreams of others who have paved the way and sacrificed for a better future. This magazine is an expression of living intentionally by showing light to the darkness of our world. It is a way of letting freedom ring, rejecting apathy, and giving others a voice of justice from a whole-life perspective in three sections: Sustainable change, sacrificial living and making an impact. The March/April 2015 issue of OTHERS magazine is a pilot edition. It is a sample of the content I would like to publish. OTHERS welcomes publishers, entrepreneurs, strategists, designers, writers, and anyone with an idea to make this dream a reality. I’m inviting you on a journey of being aware of others who are not like you. Let’s live a serving-others-before-yourself kind of life and be the ones who make a difference. If not for the people in the third world countries, be the change for the people across the street. I believe our best days are yet to come.