(3 credits) 2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab
Study of the relevant research and practical application of usability testing as part of product development. Students will address complex information design issues and problems including legal documents, business forms, diagrams, transportation maps, statistical information, charts, graphs and tables, instructional materials, way finding systems, and computerized information systems. The course includes strategies for planning, conducting, and analyzing a test. Teams will conduct an expert (heuristic) evaluation and report results from an actual test in a usability lab using industry standard format.

Prerequisites: Communications 2667 and 2670.

Here is an example of a course project from Comm 3600:

MRU Library Usability Project

Usability testing is part of developing user-centric design. Conducting a usability test measures the task success, user satisfaction, and errors of a product. The data gathered from a usability test could answer questions such as: Will users recommend the product? Do users feel good about the product or themselves after..

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