School of Communication Studies

Information Design is located, primarily, in the O and T wings of the Mount Royal University main campus. We share dedicated, card-accessed space with students in public relations and journalism, that includes individual workstations, WIFI Internet, PC and Mac labs, printers, breakaway rooms, and a collaborative library. Additionally, senior students have access to an ID-dedicated studio space. The entire area is secure and available 24-hours a day.

Riddell Library and Learning Centre

With the opening of the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre, MRU has introduced exciting new spaces, tools, and services dedicated to exploration, creation and sharing.

This includes:

  • A maker studio complete with 3-D printers, scanners, industrial sewing machines, laser cutters and more
  • Two large-scale visualization rooms enabling new types of information exploration and understanding
  • Audio production rooms for creating podcasts, music and using in conjunction with media editing suites
  • An immersion studio that enables 360º projection to enhance experiential learning and research as well as a venue for virtual reality explorations.

These spaces are animated by the library’s expert team of staff and faculty which includes new roles such a maker studio lead, a visualization specialist and a visualization designer.

The MRU library’s growing collection comprises 535,000 monographs and over 81,000 journal titles in digital and print formats. Specialized data collections, music, image and video resources, along with expanding archive and special collections are also an important part of our Library resources.

Immersion Studio at the Riddell.