Change the world. One design at a time.

By becoming information designers, our students commit to working in the service of not themselves, but in the service of those who will be reading, using, or understanding information.

We stand, invisible, beside the weary 3-am parent, who’s deciding how much medicine to give their fevered child. In that moment, we have a chance to either help or barrier their efforts.

Yes, our students will have employers or clients and will work to and within constraints and deadlines. However, they must never forget that their work has consequences, and that those consequences can be life altering.

Mount Royal University’s information designers learn to construct, select, manipulate, and refine information to some positive  end. Through usability, technical writing, rhetoric, and visual communication, we educate designers who practice within an ethical, moral, and political consciousness – information designers who can and will question when appropriate, and work for the benefit of the public, however pre-defined.

Information designers:

  • think innovatively and systematically
  • are capable of becoming well informed about diverse subject matters
  • can think about the big picture, consider details, and spot connections and interrelationships
  • are familiar with the technical requirements of communications media
  • are educated on human communication capabilities: perception, cognitive processing, and response to information
  • have detailed knowledge of the cost factors relating to the various design stages and their implementation
  • are both a collaborative and an independent learner
  • behave in a responsible manner with regard to the needs of people, their communities, and society as a whole.

ID 2018 Grad Show

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